Pelican 1620 Replacement Foam


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1620 Replacement Foam Options:

Middle Pluck Foam: This includes 4 Middle Pluck Pieces of foam for the 1620 case. 

Solid Middle Foam: This includes 4 Middle Solid Pieces of foam for the 1620 case. Solid foam does not have any perforations for pluck pieces. It is great for DIY-ers looking for a blank piece of foam to cut-out a custom fit. 

Top and Bottom Foam: This includes the Convoluted Lid Foam and the Solid Base foam for the 1620 Case

5 piece Replacement Pluck Foam Set: Includes convoluted lid foam, middle pluck, and bottom flat pad.  Foam set dimensions - 21.48" x 16.42" x 12.54" (54.6 x 41.7 x 31.9 cm).