Pelican Air TSA Locking Latches, Black, Push-Button (Set of 2 with Keys)


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Pelican™ Air TSA Locking Latches

  • Latches Quantity: 2
  • Keys Quantity: 2
  • Pins Quantity: 2
  • Compatibility: All Air series cases EXCEPT 1745
  • Series: Air Case
  • Color: Black

With these genuine authentic Pelican™ TSA locking latches there is no need for traditional TSA locks that dangle off of the case and are easily snagged during travel. Perfect OEM fit and easily installed on your Pelican™ Air Series case, the locks are built directly into the latches for hassle-free travel and peace of mind. ColorCase recommends two locking latches per case, one on either end. These will fit all Pelican™ Air series cases except for the 1745 case, which has larger latches.

Because we get a lot of questions about it, please note that these will NOT work on the 1510 or 1560 Protector series cases.